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may those who accept their fate be granted happines, may those who defy their fate be granted glory

Edel - Princess Tutu


In Princess Tutu we don’t say “I love you” because we’d turn into a speck of light and vanish and I think that’s beautiful 

I am doomed :3 

Dogeza: Ultimate Art of Expressing Apology 

Please click this link for more gifs. I do not own anything, all credits goes to this site

Translation for gifs note: 1) Back-flip Apologize; 2) Sliding of Shame; 3) Transformer or Friends Hug; 4) Wave; 5) Apologizing Frog; and last picture which makes me lol so hard XD 6) Pyramid of Regret. 

Kimi no Gin no Niwa (Your Silver Garden)

Despite being a beautiful and cheery song, what cynical meaning does it hold behind those kind lyrics. Well, I’ve watched the Rebellion Story and I just thought: isn’t the cheerful ending song is a bit out of places?

Even if it makes me love the song even more >:) 

pixieneverland asked:

You should watch Kaleido Star :)

I’ve watched Kaleido Star before, it’s also good anime. Thank you for your recommendation :) 

I finished watching Princess Tutu, and now I…

…don’t know what to watch anymore. It’s just too good that I feel like I can’t watch anything else :’ 


(〓 たんねる 〓 黄金のコラボ! 桜と猫の美しすぎる画像集から)

How can I not reblog this :“‘3 Whose heart is not moved by all of this cuteness and cherry blossom :”’3 



The way everything disappears is gentle, as if abruptly falling into a slumber…

Kalafina - Hanataba (Flower Bouquet) 

Ling Tosite Sigure - Abnormalize, Psycho Pass OP #1

The first time I watch the OP of the anime, I never thought that there’s also female vocal. Anyway, this song is badass. I’m going to give a shot for their album. Finally I found something else to be added to my playlist :)  

So, I’ve finally read retrace 92. It won’t be easy to find a lovable character again. 


will probably reblog this for the rest of forever


A group hug for PH fandom! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ We need to stay strong!

the only math puns on tumblr that I understand. lol.